FLAT FEE TAX RESOLUTION: IRS.GOV — IRS Problems — Stop IRS Levy and Seizure — IRS Solutions

FLAT FEE TAX RESOLUTION: IRS.GOV — IRS Problems — Stop IRS Levy and Seizure — IRS Solutions.

Published by Flat Fee Tax Service

I am the Vice President of Client Relations for Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides affordable, expert IRS tax representation. All initial client consultations are free, confidential and evaluations are conducted with my supervision. I also monitor and case manage each client as their IRS tax issues are settled and resolved. Flat Fee tax Service, Inc. has been known as the leader in having an IRS Levy released in 1 day/24 hours or our clients don't pay. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we hold an A PLUS Rating. Flat Fee tax Service provides quality IRS representation at affordable fees. Monthly Installment payments are available. Services that Flat Fee Tax Service provides our clients include: IRS Wage Levy removal IRS Garnishment release IRS Bank Levy release IRS Settlements IRS Offer in Compromise IRS Penalty Abatement Innocent Spouse IRS Installment Agreements IRS Payment Plans IRS Settlement IRS Appeals Tax Levy Release

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  1. If you have a back tax liability, you can be sure that the IRS will come after you hard. You should expect the IRS to Levy your wages and/or your bank account. If you are on Social Security or Social Security Disability (SSDI), you will be garnished. Do something about it.


  2. Flat Fee tax Service, inc. will have your IRS Wage Levy stopped and released in 1 day / 24 hours. For a free and confidential consultation, contact us at: 1 – 8 8 8 – 8 7 5 – 4 5 0 6 You may view our fees at our website: http://www.flatfeetaxservice.com and you can obtain additional information regarding your IRS options by reading our blog: http://www.flatfeetaxresolution.blogspot.com Access updates by following us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/flatfeetaxsvc


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