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Our client, a Christian Minister from New Bern, North Carolina, received the great news. His IRS Offer in Compromise was accepted by the IRS.


If you are eligible and qualified, you can get a Fresh Start through the IRS Offer in Compromise program.

The tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service is proud to announce another successful IRS acceptance of an Offer in Compromise.


Our client, a Christian Minister, from New Bern, North Carolina came to us at time of need. The IRS was about to levy our client’s modest income. Christian Ministers do not make a lot of money. After a lengthy consultation, our tax relief team came up with a game plan. First (1st) stop the levy and then take on the overall tax debt that the IRS was vigorously pursuing.

Today, Flat Fee Tax Service is proud and happy to announce the successful IRS acceptance of our client’s Offer in Compromise. Flat Fee Tax Service prepared the Christian Minister‘s IRS settlement which resulted in his $36,000 tax debt being settled for $2316. This is what a successful Offer in Compromise should look like.

Our client, a good man, and Christian theologian, will now have his Fresh Start and can put the IRS behind him.

Flat Fee Tax Service only accepts clients that we know we can help. An action plan will be determined during our initial consultation. During our free and confidential consultation, we will offer you our best advice



.If you find yourself owing the IRS and you are struggling financially, you owe it to yourself and your family to resolve and settle with the IRS.




1. Guided by our Christian Values.
2. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. No Client Complaints.
3. Very Affordable Fees for Tax Debt Help.
4. Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys.
5. Thorough and Diligent IRS Tax Relief Team.
6. Positive Results.


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The tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service routinely have an IRS wage levy stopped and released within 24 hours. Our teams are located in Clearwater, FL and San Diego, CA.  We are the nationwide leader in saving paychecks from an IRS levy. Do you want fast and affordable relief from an IRS levy (Bank or Wage)?

If you want quick, fast, affordable and reliable IRS tax relief,

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When you contact the able IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Relief, we can determine if you:

1. Qualify as a hardship case. If you are, Flat Fee Tax Relief will work to have you placed in Currently Not Collectible status.

2. See if you are eligible and qualified for a Fresh Start through the IRS Offer in Compromise program.

3. If you are qualified to settle your back tax debt, then negotiating an Installment Agreement with the IRS may be the answer to your IRS resolution.

4. Flat Fee Tax Service will have your IRS levy stopped & released in 24 hours.

Why would you choose anyone else to resolve your IRS problem when you can have the affordable tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Relief resolve your IRS (and State) tax problems.


1. Guided by our Christian Values.
2. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
3. No client complaints.
4. IRS levies routinely stopped and released with 24 hours.
5. Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys to resolve your tax problem.
6. Low fees with affordable monthly terms.
7. Positive Results.

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Offer in Compromise | Atlanta Georgia | Flat Fee Tax Service

Flat Fee Tax Service is very happy to announce that, once again, a client has received a Fresh Start through a successful IRS Offer in Compromise. Our client, who lives in the Atlanta (Fayetteville), GA area, had her $42,000.00 IRS back tax debt reduced to $2400.00. That is what is possible if you are eligible and qualified, should you decide to have your IRS Offer in Compromise prepared by the able tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

This is the very kind letter of appreciation that our Atlanta, GA client.

Hi guys,

I can’t thank you all enough for resolving my IRS problem. I have nothing but appreciation for the way it was handled. Your efforts from beginning to end were always prompt and effective.

I first called another Tax Service, talked to the gentleman, while talking with him; he received an emergency call from another client and said he would call me back within an hour, never happened. Time was of the essence for me, I searched the internet again and came across “Flat Fee Tax Services” I said, to myself now that’s a good name for this type of business, the rest is/was history.

I called Flat Fee, spoke to Dave Rosa, while I was a panic state of mind and stressed over the worst possible scenario, YOU managed a balance between calm and urgent, and put first things first. (Not sure which one of you gets this PAT on the back Holger or David) I was within 5 days before garnishment, you acted promptly to STOP the Levy and I thank you so much!!!

Then when that immediate heat was off, David, I really appreciate your ability to clearly and patiently make me understand the process, possibilities, and probabilities to end this nightmare.

I received the OIC acceptance email from David, on May 23, 2013, 

WOW, what a year!!!


Your fee has been reasonable and I would strongly recommend your services to anyone that I know with IRS challenges.

Thank you again…if there is any way I can help support your service, by writing a blog, review, advertisement, etc let me know. I have nothing but the highest respect for the job you all did. Continued success in providing a difficult service to all of us in need of your help!!

God Bless, Best Regards,

(name withheld for privacy)


1. Guided by the Christian Values.
2. IRS Levies stopped and released within 24 hours.
3. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
4. Able, determined and experienced tax relief teams led and supervised by IRS Tax Attorneys.
5. Very affordable and reasonable fees. Fees are stretched out to accommodate your monthly budgets.
6. Positive results.

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