Central New York Successful Offer in Compromise – Flat Fee Tax Service Client on Social Security Gets Fresh Start

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. client, Bob E. from central New York, called us when he was facing an IRS levy on his Social Security Disability check. We all know that Americans who are receiving a Social Security Disability (SSDI), Social Security or getting a Veteran’s Pension check do not have any discretionary income and live day to day.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. had the IRS levy on Bob E’s Social Security Disability check stopped and released. That was the first step in getting Bob E. a Fresh Start. Our experienced IRS tax preparation department then prepared Bob’s missing tax returns. This was needed to get Bob compliant. You cannot file for an IRS settlement through the Offer in Compromise program without being IRS compliant.

Once the tax returns were prepared and submitted to the IRS, all that was left was the Offer in Compromise.


The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. proudly announces that our client, Bob E. of central New York had his Offer in Compromise accepted.


You read that right. The IRS accepted Bob E’s Offer in Compromise settlement and he now has peace of mind and he will have a Fresh Start.

An IRS Offer in Compromise is a settlement for a tax debt owed to the IRS. The IRS will accept a settlement offer if it can be shown that the tax debt cannot be repaid and that it will cause you a financial hardship. An accepted IRS settlement can be paid all at once or in installments.

Before you file for an IRS settlement through the Offer in Compromise program, you must:

1. File all tax returns that you are legally required to file.
2. Make all required estimated tax payments for the current year.
3. Make all required tax deposits for the current quarter if you are a business owner with current employees.

If you are currently in a bankruptcy, you are not eligible for an Offer in Compromise. You must wait for the discharge or dismissal of your bankruptcy.


1. We are guided by our Christian values.
2. We are Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We maintain an A-Rating.
3. We have no client complaints.
4. We have experienced IRS Tax Attorneys.
5. We have a 95% success rate for our Offer in Compromise applicants.
6. We only accept clients that we believe we can help.
7. We have affordable flat rate fees.
8. We spread our affordable flat rate fee over months.
9. We get positive results.

Call Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. at 1-800-589-3078

for your free and confidential consultation.

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Published by Flat Fee Tax Service

I am the Vice President of Client Relations for Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides affordable, expert IRS tax representation. All initial client consultations are free, confidential and evaluations are conducted with my supervision. I also monitor and case manage each client as their IRS tax issues are settled and resolved. Flat Fee tax Service, Inc. has been known as the leader in having an IRS Levy released in 1 day/24 hours or our clients don't pay. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we hold an A PLUS Rating. Flat Fee tax Service provides quality IRS representation at affordable fees. Monthly Installment payments are available. Services that Flat Fee Tax Service provides our clients include: IRS Wage Levy removal IRS Garnishment release IRS Bank Levy release IRS Settlements IRS Offer in Compromise IRS Penalty Abatement Innocent Spouse IRS Installment Agreements IRS Payment Plans IRS Settlement IRS Appeals Tax Levy Release

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