IRS Levy on Wages – Stop an IRS Levy Today – Find Out How – Help Yourself Today

Keep the IRS from Putting a Levy on your Wages or Salary!

Settle your IRS Debt Permanently!



FREE CONSULTATION: 1-800-589-3078

If your have received an IRS Notice of Levy on Wages or if the IRS has levied your wages, flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will help you today. The IRS has programs for people like you, financially struggling taxpayers, who owe IRS tax debt and do not have the means to pay. We can help you remove an income tax debt levy on your bank account or an IRS levy on your wages. As part of our service, our expert IRS income tax relief team, will prevent the IRS from levying your wages, even if you have received an IRS Notice of Levy on Wages. We can get you into an IRS program that reduces your overall tax debt if you qualify or get you into an installment program (a payment plan that you can live with) and protects you against IRS levies.

If you have received an IRS notice of intent to levy or if the IRS has levied your bank account or wages, we can help.

  • Our IRS Tax Attorneys negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to get you the best possible deal.
  • You pay a fraction of the actual amount due, if you qualify for an IRS Settlement.
  • Stop or remove an IRS bank levy.
  • Stop and Remove an IRS wage levy in one day.
  • We prepare and file any past due tax returns.
  • Stop penalties and interest from accruing.
  • No more threatening calls or letters from the IRS.


1. Guided by our Christian Values.

2. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. A Plus Rating. (Check out our BBB record for yourself)

3. No Client Complaints.

4. Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys Work Directly with You.

5. Affordable Fees Posted on our Websites.

6. IRS Wage Levy Stopped and Released in one Day.

“America’s Best & Most Affordable IRS Tax Relief Team”

We help you get free of IRS tax debt – permanently.

Published by Flat Fee Tax Service

I am the Vice President of Client Relations for Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides affordable, expert IRS tax representation. All initial client consultations are free, confidential and evaluations are conducted with my supervision. I also monitor and case manage each client as their IRS tax issues are settled and resolved. Flat Fee tax Service, Inc. has been known as the leader in having an IRS Levy released in 1 day/24 hours or our clients don't pay. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we hold an A PLUS Rating. Flat Fee tax Service provides quality IRS representation at affordable fees. Monthly Installment payments are available. Services that Flat Fee Tax Service provides our clients include: IRS Wage Levy removal IRS Garnishment release IRS Bank Levy release IRS Settlements IRS Offer in Compromise IRS Penalty Abatement Innocent Spouse IRS Installment Agreements IRS Payment Plans IRS Settlement IRS Appeals Tax Levy Release

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