Guide to Employers & Human Resource Managers Who Have an Employee with an IRS Wage Levy – Flat Fee Tax Service

As an employer or human resource manager, you may have received an IRS notice to levy one of your employees. The employee with the IRS income tax problem may be valuable to your operation. You don’t want to lose your employee. What do you need to do?

The IRS has strict and immediate time constraints for complying with the order to seize your employee’s wages. With the proper representation, your employee can have the IRS wage levy stopped, avoided and released in 1 day.

Under Internal Revenue Code section 6331, the IRS may issue a levy for the purpose of seizing a taxpayer’s property to satisfy unpaid and overdue income tax debt. This is done by sending you, the employer, an IRS Form 668-W(c).

Our job at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is to have the IRS stop the wage levy within 24 hours. Our IRS tax relief team will have the IRS issue a release of the levy by sending you, the employer, IRS Form 668-D (Release of Levy).

Your employee, who you do not want to lose, may be eligible to settle their IRS income tax debt. At the very minimum, our team of IRS tax resolution experts will negotiate a manageable IRS installment agreement. At best, your employee will have their income tax debt settled for far less than what is owed.

As an employer of someone with an IRS problem, please, do not try and outwit the IRS. If your employee obtains expert tax income relief representation, it isn’t necessary to try and get around the levy. If you do get caught non-complying with a wage levy order and refuse to surrender any property subject to the levy, the employer can become personally liable for your employee’s income tax debt. In addition, a penalty up to 50% may be added to the income tax debt.

The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has never failed to stop, avoid and release an IRS wage levy. Your employee has rights. Our tax relief team will protect your employee from the wage levy. As previously written, your employee may also be eligible to settle with the IRS through the Offer in Compromise program.






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  4. IRS Wage Levies Stopped, Avoided and Released in 1 Day.
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  7. Our Clients Receive Positive Results.

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