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File Tax Returns to Replace Returns Created by the IRS – Substitute for Returns (SFR)

This can be the best solution for immediately lowering the amount of taxes the IRS says you owe. Even if the IRS has already filed a “Substitute for Return” for you (SFR), you still have the right to file your tax return through the audit reconsideration process.

As a “rule of thumb” when the tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service challenge the IRS created “Substitute for Return” and our team replaces these inflated returns with a real tax return, we have been able to cut the IRS tax debt in half.

When the IRS creates a tax debt by use of a Substitute for Return, the IRS is armed with an inflated tax debt and now has the power to enforce collection. Tax liens, a tax levy, IRS garnishment is sure to follow. Failure to file a tax return will waive your rights to settle your tax debt.

Filing your tax return may cause a significant reduction in the amount of tax debt you owe. But a taxpayer needs to be careful, sending your tax return to the wrong place or making mistakes on the tax return can cause significant delays and/or cause the IRS to reject your “new” tax return. It is important to understand the method and procedures for filing old tax returns to ensure that your tax return is properly processed and that you receive the credit you deserve.


Unfiled Tax Returns – Substitute for Returns

I am Dave Rosa. It is always my pleasure and duty to provide a thorough, comprehensive evaluation of your tax problems. Our conversation will take 20 to 30 minutes. Time well worth your while.

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