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The IRS Data Book (Publication 55B issued March 2013) for Fiscal Year 2012 noted that for the fiscal year (October 1, 2011, through September 30, 2012) the number of notices of IRS bank levy and IRS wage levy served on third parties (that would be your bank or employer) was almost three million.

A decade earlier the Internal Revenue Service Data Book (Publication 55B issued March 2003) for the fiscal year 2002 (October 1, 2001, through September 30, 2002) the number of IRS tax levy/IRS garnishments served was 674,080.





The exception to the above is in the unfortunate circumstance that you have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your case. If you have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to you, it is because you have a tax debt over $100,000 and/or many years of unfiled tax returns. This means that the IRS Revenue Officer will have “more hoops” to be jumped through before your levy is released.

What the IRS data shows us is that in only ten years the number of bank levies and IRS tax levy/IRS wage garnishments, issued by the IRS has more than tripled. The numbers from the IRS Data Books certainly confirm that there has been a trend for the IRS each year to increase the number of levies they issue against taxpayers and their assets.


Can you imagine suddenly finding out all your funds in your bank accounts have been frozen by the government or that your wages have been attached?

The IRS publication listed (Table 16) the total levies served on third parties in the fiscal year 2012 as 2,961,162.

DO YOU WANT TO BE 1 OF THE 3,000,000?


A financially struggling taxpayer may have and feel the kind of panic and distress that kind of IRS enforcement action causes for taxpayers. Suddenly an IRS bank levy is issued and your bank account is wiped out. An IRS wage levy will, most likely, be sent to your employer and up to 80% of your wages will be attached, maybe more.

Many times both the bank levy and the wage levy are issued at the same time! How will you pay your bills? How do you make your mortgage or pay your rent? How do you feed your family?

You will need to get professional help as soon as possible.

The IRS has two types of levies. The 668(A) is a onetime hit on your bank accounts and the 668(W) is a continuous tax levy/IRS garnishment on your wages or other income.

You will not know what to do to handle this emergency in your life. Having an IRS levy stopped and released is complex and the best way for you to handle it is to get professional help by looking for and retaining a trusted tax relief firm with attorneys who specialize in this field of levy release and tax resolution. The best way is to look for an authentic tax relief firm like Flat Fee Tax Service which is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A rating and zero complaints.

Experienced IRS tax professionals know the appeal process to follow if on initial contact the IRS denies the request for levy release. The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will not take no for a final answer and we know how to appeal a negative decision. Most taxpayers don’t know any of that and when your paycheck is being levied will not be a good time to learn on the fly.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service are skilled, experienced and educated in IRS tax resolution and are going to get you, our client, the best possible results.




As the IRS Data Books illustrate, the number of IRS levies and wage garnishments issued has increased per year in just a decade by 2,287,082! That upward trend in the issuance of an IRS tax levy/IRS wage garnishments on wages and bank, show the Internal Revenue Service’s increased dependence on enforcement action to collect back taxes. When a taxpayer is faced with a calamity like that the best thing to do is to go to a tax professional to help you and give you some peace of mind.

The IRS tax professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service has extensive experience in tax resolution and has represented numerous clients since 2007 providing professional legal tax advice to resolve tax matters including Offers in Compromise, stopping an IRS wage levy and garnishment release, appeal penalties and establishing minimal payment plans to the government.

Flat Fee Tax Service has extensive experience in tax resolution and has represented numerous clients since 2007 providing professional legal tax advice to resolve tax matters including Offers in Compromise, levy and garnishment release, appeal penalties and establishing minimal payment plans to the government.

If you have unfiled tax returns or owe the IRS or state over $10,000 in back taxes, call now: 1-866-747-7435 for a free tax consultation or visit our website at for more details. Our tax experts will take over all communications with the IRS and handle your case from beginning to end.

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IRS Garnishment | Remove and Stop In 1 Day | Flat Fee Tax Service

Flat Fee Tax Service has been the nationwide leader in having an IRS wage garnishment stopped, removed and released in one day for more than a decade. Our IRS tax professionals can have your IRS garnishment stopped within hours.


The IRS tax collector has been knocking on your door, and sending you certified letters. Unsure what to do, and knowing you cannot pay the full amount, you decide to take the route of least resistance. You, like many financially struggling taxpayers, bury your head in the sand.

Suddenly, the IRS calls stop, no more IRS letters and no more IRS visitors. When you go to collect your paycheck you find that a significant portion is being withdrawn from your check. You contact Human Resources, only to learn that the IRS has placed a WAGE GARNISHMENT (tax levy) on your income. What does that mean? In layman terms, it means the IRS is going to get their money by enforcing a tax levy, and in your case, they are going to take a portion of your earnings until the amount, with accruing interest and possibly penalties, has been received.


The amount of the IRS garnishment is dependent on several different factors, but generally involves the amount you owe, the amount you earn, the number of children/dependents you have, and any additional income you may earn.

But what if the IRS Wage Garnishment causes an Undue Hardship?

There is hope. Generally, the IRS will garnish and levy a person’s wages when the IRS is unable to get a voluntary collection, or the taxpayer is unwilling to communicate with the IRS. Essentially, the IRS wage garnishment is to “get your attention” – and it pretty much always accomplishes that goal.

The first thing to do is to contact the tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Your anxiety level will be high. You will be scared. You do not know what your rights are and what remedies are available to you.

It is important to consider options, which will automatically require the IRS to release the levy on wages, including (although these are not common):

1. The IRS discovers that the time period to collect the tax from you expired prior to the issuance of the wage garnishment. (Very rare)
2. The IRS did not provide you the full 30 days to respond to the notice. (Very rare)
3. You declare bankruptcy. (Not Necessary to stop an IRS garnishment)
4. Your offer in compromise or request for an installment plan when an appeal is in process.
5. The final step would be to request a stay of execution of the wage garnishment due to an Undue Hardship, which the garnishment is causing. Please note, under IRS rules, an undue hardship must be more than an inconvenience to the taxpayer; the taxpayer must show the garnishment would cause a substantial financial loss if forced to pay a tax or deficiency on the due date.

A taxpayer should never try and negotiate his/her own garnishment release. The IRs is not going to tell you what your rights are and the IRS is certainly not going to help you.

The primary business of Flat Fee Tax Service is to stop an IRS wage garnishment, prepare unfiled tax returns and have our clients settle with the IRS through the Offer in Compromise program. We do these functions better and more affordable than any other tax resolution company. That is a fact.

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